A Visit to Goodwill Industries


Hey there, team! It’s been a long time, I know– I totally failed in my New Year’s Resolution to blog more regularly. But that’s mostly because I only made it out to Goodwill once or twice last semester, so there wasn’t much to say. A shame, I know, but soon I’m heading to Germany where I’m in easy walking distance of the best thrift store I’ve ever visited, so expect to be bombarded with posts!

For now, I wanted to talk  little bit about my visit today to Goodwill’s corporate headquarters for the Rappahannock region!

2013-05-26 16.26.10

I had no idea that this building even existed, but it does, and it’s huge. It’s tucked away behind a Hooters and a few office buildings, which explains why it took me so long to find. It has a huge area set aside to take donations, as well as a store and an outlet (more on that later).

To be entirely honest, the store was disappointing. I was expecting to hear the Hallelujah chorus and find a unicorn inside this center of Goodwill’s operations, so maybe I was just too pumped up to go here, but the selection was tiny and the prices were slightly higher than the average Goodwill. It took my little brother about two minutes to go through the men’s section, it was that small. However, it was extremely well organized, both by size and color, and had a TON of nice pieces– lots of designer pieces, and even an entire rack of Vera Bradley purses (too bad I’m not into those bags!).

That said, I managed to find a dress, a cute Charlotte Russe top, and two Aerie tanks for under 20 bucks, and my brother found four hoodies, so it wasn’t a wasted trip– it just wasn’t as amazeballs as I thought it would be.

As for the outlet– I didn’t to go in, because it closed at 4 and we got there at 4:25, but it looked like a scene out of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video– just bins of clothes as far as the eye could see. I’m actually looking forward to going back and checking that out, I’m sure that it’s a situation where people like me who have too much time on their hands will have a blast, but will probably prove frustrating for the average shopper. I’m interested to see if being haphazardly thrown into bins makes the clothes cheaper– but I’m also suspicious that these are the “rejects” from the store itself, leading to a whole lot of nothing.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably post again once I’m in Germany, see ya then!

2013-05-26 15.29.16

I’m the only person excited about taking a selfie with Goodwill.



Guest Post: Five Essential Truths to Beauty on a Budget


The Macklemore post you all have been waiting for is currently in the final stages (just a bit of editing and it’s a-ready to post!), but in the meantime, I asked my fellow fashionista and thrift shop enthusiast, Torey Jackson, to write a bit about what she knows best. Torey is a beauty and one of my William & Mary classmates, so expect to see lots of posts involving her in the future– she’s the bomb!

Without further ado, here are Torey’s Five Essential Truths to Beauty on a Budget:

Don’t write off drugstore beauty products.

While I realize that this post is about beauty on a budget, and that some of the most affordable beauty products are found in drugstores, I’d really like to talk about this point! I am a self-proclaimed beauty know-it-all, and I’ve spent hours, days, and months researching, comparing, and testing products that will help me in any way with my morning and nightly routines. These products range from designer mascaras to generic facewashes, and after a good run, I can honestly and truthfully tell you that you aren’t missing out on much if you buy your mascara and eyeliner at CVS or Walgreens. Consider these points as to why:

  • One excellent drugstore brand I will always go back to is L’Oreal. Why? Not only does L’Oreal make very high-quality makeup, they are also apart of the same company as the higher-end lines Lancome and Kerastase. Often times, I have found that some blushes, lipsticks, and mascaras from L’Oreal are uncannily similar to Lancome for a fraction of the price. The same applies to L’Oreal’s hair products, which are often cited as “dupes” (the term in the makeup world for a cheaper product exactly like a more pricier one) for Kerastase, one of the most amazing haircare lines.
  • Can beauty products really do all that much? Have you ever bought a $40 facewash promising everything that it possibly could, only for it to disappoint? Have you ever dropped a good $25 on a designer mascara, only for it to clump up and flake like a $2 Wet & Wild mascara you used in Middle School? Me too! Seriously, beauty products can only truly do so much. While I will say there are some great investments to make in the beauty world, sometimes, the $5 mascara is all you really need.

Shop the sales.

Many times a year, makeup goes on sale at stores across the country. Often times, a company will change the formula for something like a mascara or a shampoo, and they want that new product on the shelves, so any old formulas will be marked down to super low prices. Also, during the major season switchovers, companies will be marketing new products: in the spring, blushes, in the winter, moisturizers, and they too want those new products out. This New Year period is a great time to go hunting in your local Rite-Aid, CVS, or any store that sells makeup or hair products. I have come away with some really great finds, like a St. Ives facial scrub for $1.74, as well as a skincare line that I absolutely love marked 75% (I bought the whole stock), a massive tub of Carmex healing balm for $1.50, and Revlon mascaras and eyeliners for just under $2 each. My tip to hitting the jackpot? LOOK DOWN! The products that are at eye level on a shelf are often the “chosen one” for the season, meaning it’s a new product or one a company wants to push. Meanwhile, perfectly good products are lonely below, where many people don’t often look when browsing. That’s where you’ll find the golden ticket…er, tag saying “50%!” “75!”


Beauty products are multi purpose things of wonder!

Seriously, there are so many drugstore products that exist for multi purpose tasks. I’m going to list a few of my favorites, all of which you can get for $3 or less at your local drugstore or Wal-Mart!

  1. Aloe vera gel: I use a colorless, alchol-free aloe vera gel for pretty much everything. I mix it with water and spray it in my hair as a curl refresher (which usually costs anywhere from $8-$30). People with curly hair also use this as a moisturizing hair gel. I also use it as a light skin moisturizer that sinks in quickly. It’s also great to give a light, fresh scent to your skin. And I’m sure we’re all familiar with the common use of aloe vera gel: sunburn! All of this for $2.78!
  2. Vaseline: Vaseline is great for a body moisturizer, but I also use it nightly on my eyelashes and undereye area to help retain moisture there. I have pretty long lashes, and I find applying Vaseline to my eyelashes helps keep them moist, healthy, and long! Also, your skin around the eyes is very thin, meaning it can wrinkle easily. Vaseline also helps keep this area hydrated and fresh. I also use Vaseline in making a good lip scrub, by mixing gritty sugar and Vaseline, then applying and rubbing off my lips to exfoliate. All of this for $1!
  3. Conditioner: Ah, conditioner. Because my hair is curly and dry, I wash my hair only with conditioner. I highly recommend this method, where I use a runny conditioner to scrub, massage, and remove dirt from my scalp, and then a thicker one to deep condition. I have also used hair conditioner as a replacement for my leave-in on many an occasion. However, I have also used conditioner as a shaving cream. Think about it: it’s designed to soften hair, so it’s a win-win situation for shaving. I have also used extra-thick conditioners for dry skin patches, like on my elbows. All of this for any price range of $1.50 to $7.50!
  4. Disposable razors: I have used a disposable razor or two not only in the shower, but also when I’m de-pilling an old sweater I thrifted, or a pair of denim I want to destroy. All of this for anywhere between $1-$2!

Research, research, research.

It’s a rainy day, and you’ve ran out of mascara. You didn’t like that one a lot anyway, so you want to try a new one. You waltz into your local Rite-Aid like the goddess you are. You look at the rows and rows of beauty products. After reading ambiguous terms like “Volumizing!” “Lengthening!” “Cat-eye!” “Ultra carbon black black soot!” you realize that your life is a joke and promptly walk out, mascara-less and frustrated with the makeup industry (why can’t black just be black? Seriously, my biggest problem with drugstore mascaras…I digress). My tip to avoid the confusion is to product research. There are hundreds of products at the drugstore making promises, and if it’s your money, spend it on the right things! My favorite website is http://www.makeupalley.com. Here, thousands of women rate millions of beauty products. If you’re thinking about a certain mascara, but not sure, look it up! Why waste $10 on what could be bottled crap? The same goes for ingredients. Do you know what retinol or ceramide or sodium lauryl sulfate is? Do you know what’s lurking in your face cream or shampoo? Research the ingredients, and READ the ingredients! Remember the entire generic product backlash a few years ago? Well, a good way to tell if a generic is a good substitute is to read and compare the ingredients of the two. Look at them side by side; if the first five ingredients are the same in each one, the generic is exactly the same as the name-brand. Save those extra dollars. You can thank me later!

And finally: do you.

Remember when I questioned what beauty products can actually do? Think about it. Oh, a little pencil that makes your lashline black! Cool! Oh, some sticky goo that magically makes your eyelashes look longer? Great. What are all of these little pots of eyeshadow or bottles of conditioners doing? They’re merely small enhancements. Honestly though, makeup is all about enhancement, not covering up or radical change. That’s my philosophy on makeup: it’s to enhance your natural beauty. If you feel sexy in mascara, go for it. If you only leave the house in cherry Chapstick and sunscreen (PROTECT YA SELF) then you go girl! This is why I love makeup. It’s for experimenting and test running new aspects of your creative self. If you feel like wearing a lime green eyeshadow to your next party, DO IT. If you want to test run that purple metallic eyeliner on a coffee date, why not? Trying a new hairstyle with some cool texturing paste? Go for it. But remember, DO YOU. No mascara is going to make you interesting or have a great personality. No eyeliner is going to replace intelligence and social skills. No lipstick is going to change who you truly are. If you remember nothing about this article, I beg you to remember this. As a girl who has struggled and continues to struggle with self-perception and image of beauty, I ask that you view makeup as a tool to enhance what beauty you already have and a great way to express and try your hand at some serious creativity, but that no matter what you spend on mascara or eyeliner or face cream, these things will never change what is intrinsic and unique to you. For me, makeup is not a way to make myself into someone I’m not, physically or otherwise. It’s just a way to enhance what I already got on the outside- NOT on the inside.

I hope you enjoyed my article and that you learned something from it! Being a beauty goddess on a budget really is doable.


DIY Pillow


Okay, the Macklemore post is going to take a while. The average Goodwill does not carry floor-length fur coats and/or acid wash denim vests. I promise I’m trying.

In the meantime:

DIY is lingo that refers to “Do it yourself,” as in not bought from a store and generally created from recycled materials around your house, but not always. Today’s post refers to a DIY pillow, inspired by this post and the link that I accompanied with it (though to be honest I didn’t follow their tutorial, I just looked at the pictures).

Now, I can’t sew at all. Well, I guess I can a little, but all I am capable of is the basic stitch that only requires enough skill for you to not stick the needle through your finger instead of the fabric. But what this means for you is that if you can’t sew all fancy-like and/or you don’t have an actual sewing machine, you can still make a  pillow! Just slap some thread on a needle and go through the motions you watched your Grandma do for years and you’ll probably figure it out. As long as the fabric sticks together you’re good.

And now, without further ado:

Step One: Gather t-shirts for the inside stuffing

2013-01-03 14.11.44

I used about four old t-shirts for the inside of my 12×12 pillow, but the amount of stuffing you use is going to depend on both how large you want your pillow to be and how squishy you like your pillows.

Step 2: Obtain an old sweater. The softer, the better. 

2013-01-03 14.12.02

The sweater I chose to use had buttons down the middle, so I guess it was more of a cardigan, but I wanted to have a pillow featuring said row of buttons, hence the choice of sweater. This was also the remains of the sweater I had leftover from my legwarmer/boot sock adventure.

Step 3: Cut stuff up!

2013-01-03 14.53.47

Okay, next step is to first cut your t-shirts into little strips. Mine varied from 1 to 2 inches wide, and were from 3 to 6 inches long. You can experiment with how long and/or thick you want your stuffing bits to be, but in general it seems like a variation in size works really well so that you don’t end up with a lumpy pillow.

After you’ve taken out your aggression on a bunch of old t-shirts, it’s time to measure and cut your sweater. I wanted my pillow to measure about 12×12, so I cut out a 14 inch square from the back and the front panels of my sweater. Since I wanted the buttons on my finished product, I made sure the row of buttons was centered in my front panel. You want to cut a square (or rectangle) slightly larger than your desired finished product, to leave some room for error and because when you sew your pillow you’re going to want that extra wiggle room.

Step 4: Sew! 

2013-01-03 15.09.32

If you have a sewing machine, more power to you, you probably can take everything from here. For those that don’t, what I did was draw a 12″ square inside my 14″ panels. I used this as a template for approximately where I should sew, and tried to maintain a straight line slightly outside the one I drew (this is where a ruler comes in handy). Because I had the row of buttons in the middle, I sewed all the way around the pillow form. If you don’t have some sort of button area in the front, you’ll need to leave one of your sides un-sewn so you can stuff through it.

Step 5: Stuff it!

2013-01-03 16.05.52

As you can see, I stuffed my pillow through the buttoned area. I suggest filling the corners first to make sure they’re nice and firm, and then you can work from there. Once you’re satisfied with the firm-ness of your pillow, button it up. Doneskies! The beauty of the buttons is that if you decide that you need to stuff it more (or less), you can unbutton it and shove more t-shirt strips in there.

If you don’t have a button-y section, just stuff your pillow to your desired capacity, then use some sort of stitch to sew up the remaining side. Voila! Pillow.

Step 6: Snuggle with it. 

2013-01-03 16.38.46

And you’re done! Look at that beautiful pillow! All of your friends will be envious. Hopefully you chose a soft sweater so it’s fun to cuddle with and/or lay on. I think next time I thrift I’m going to try and find a cardigan with some sort of ridiculous pattern on it, just to make a crazy-colored pillow. Why not, right?

Here’s the awesome thrifty-ness of this tutorial:

  1. Most people have old sweaters laying around that they never wear. Put them to good use!
  2. EVERYONE has old t-shirts laying around. Instead of buying stuffing or a pillow form, cutting t-shirts into strips is just as comfy, is earth-friendly, and very much thrifty. Plus then you have an excuse to buy more clothes because you just cut up half of your old t-shirts.
  3. Pillows are expensive. As you stop having mom & dad buy everything for you, you realize that pillows are not cheap items. So why not make your own for less than five bucks, with stuff you already have laying around?

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if there are other things you want me to try and DIY in a thrifty manner!

Store Review: Plato’s Closet


This photo is not mine.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Plato’s Closet with my friends Melanie and Matt today. Plato’s Closet is a consignment shop of sorts– you can bring your clothes there, and they will buy them from you (or give you store credit), and then they sell said clothing for cheaper than the retail price. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

2013-01-06 14.04.20

Plato’s Closet is kind of a big deal because it’s aimed at the teen to twenty-something age group, so you’re rarely going to be disappointed by lots of old people sweaters and mom jeans (unless that’s your thing, and then in that case, Plato’s Closet isn’t for you).  It’s conveniently organized by style, size, and then within said categories, color. As with Goodwills, this makes searching for specific outfit or costume pieces extremely convenient.

2013-01-06 14.07.31

My favorite part about Plato’s Closet is the jean selection. It’s always hard for me to find jeans at Goodwills, because I am extremely short and it’s difficult to find non-Mom Jeans. Plato’s Closet has rack on rack on rack of jeans, and a lot of them are in very good condition and/or name brand, because they can afford to be choosy about what they accept. This is one of those times when I will stress the need to try on your denim, though– often, jeans stretch out after having been worn for weeks on end, so you may be a totally weird size in these secondhand pairs.

Reasons I love Plato’s Closet:

  • Lots of selection. And I do mean lots. You could spend a whole day in here and not look at everything
  • If you know what you’re looking for, it’s very well organized and will help expedite said process
  • Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!
  • They are sure to have the latest trends around
  • I get store credit for bringing in my old stuff?! Awesome!
  • You WILL find pieces from Forever XXI, Charlotte Russe, H&M, American Eagle, etc etc. It’s a teenage name brand fantasy land. And they’re cheaper than the mall versions, too!
  • A lot of the clothing is VERY gently used because people will donate them after the trend goes out of fashion.
  • They dress up little mannequins around the store with outfit ideas. It’s a good way to display clothes and give you ideas.
  • Huge amounts of accessories to chose from! Though I would never wear secondhand earrings, I do love necklaces and belts and purses. They are sure to have these, and for a low(ish) price.
  • Their clearance tends to be awesome. I got a tank top for free today (BOGO)! Woo!
  • They have an amazing guy’s section! Men, check it out!

Reasons I hate Plato’s Closet

  • The selection is huge, which means it’s hard to sift through. If you don’t have something you want in mind, you can easily get overwhelmed. 
  • The aisles are tiny. This is because they have a lot of stuff. Makes it hard to navigate when it gets busy in there.
  • A lot of the clothes are very trend-based, so if you’re looking for timeless pieces, this may not be the prime place to do so. You may get lucky (I have before), but there’s no guarantee.
  • I feel a little judged by the super-hip employees. But of course, maybe it’s just because I can’t rock a pleather mini-skirt like they can
  • It’s much more expensive to shop here than it is at a Goodwill, but that is the price you must pay for being hip, I suppose.
  • It’s very easy to accidentally drop much more money than you originally meant to, because you see all sorts of shiny pretty things that you just must have

Overall, I love Plato’s Closet, but I almost exclusively shop for jeans there. Everything else is just too overwhelming for my poor brain. Be sure to check tags when you go here– there is a huge range in prices (I got one pair of jeans for seven bucks and another for eighteen!), which is much different than a place like Goodwill. Also keep an eye out for sales, they’re usually for trends on their way out the door, and they’re often adorable trends.

For both guys AND girls, if you get a chance to check out a Plato’s Closet, do so! It’ll be worth your while. Just be careful that you don’t go on a major shopping spree– I know I want to every time I visit!

Gifting Books


So, I know that I promised a Macklemore post, and it is in the works. But today I had a second Christmas with my mom’s side of the family (yes, it’s true that the one perk of divorced families is two Christmases. That and big families). During that second Christmas, my Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma, Frank and Mary, gifted each one of the members of our large extended family with a book.


Here’s mine!

What I thought was really cool about this process was what Frank told all of us. He said that he and Mary loved to go to secondhand book stores throughout the year to pick up books to read. At the end of the year, they decided together which books fit with which family member’s personality the best, and then gifted them to that person. So basically, it’s a double-recycling process that just makes my heart all mushy, and I wanted to share it with you all. It’s a good idea in terms of keeping the written word alive and circulating through your family, and it’s a good example of how to give thoughtful gifts while still being thrifty. Rock on, Great-Grandpa!

Macklemore Inspired Outfits


As you all know, I’ve posted this video of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” before (caution: explicit language), and I am a huge fan of Macklemore due to his music and his stance on equality. Plus, I haven’t met anyone who can rap the lyrics to “Thrift Shop” with as much sincerity as I do. I recently went to a thrift store called “Savers” in Woodbridge, Virginia, and was astounded by how huge it was. Inspired by the lyrics and video of my idol, Macklemore, I decided to see if I could find pieces similar to the ones that he spotlights in his work– lo and behold, I found every single thing! (Except for his deer sweater. I love that sweater). The lesson? You don’t have to go to hip thrift stores in New York or Seattle in order to find unique pieces. If my local Savers had all of these things, I’m sure your Goodwill or other thrift store does too!


The Floor Length Fur Coat

The Savers I went to had a pretty sizeable collection of fur coats, which I was impressed by. They ranged in color and length, so any Macklemore impersonator would have the time of their life trying to find the perfect one to optimize their swag. I fell in love with an XL Cheetah Print jacket, but couldn’t convince myself that it was worth the 18 bucks and the splashes of red paint that would come from any PETA members I happened to stumble across.

I did learn this tip from an interview I watched Macklemore give: Always use the sniff test on fur. Pee (and other gross liquids) are incredibly difficult to wash out, and so if you can smell it on the fur, it’s very unlikely you’re going to be able to clean it up. Pass on anything that makes you crinkle your nose when you hold it up to your face.

My biggest regret, in relation to this fur coat? I found a row of couches later, and I wish I had thought to go running across them in some moccasins and this coat, a la some of the scenes in Thrift Shop.

“John Wayne ain’t got nothing on my fringe game, hell no”


This fantastic find combines the concepts of having “ice on the fringe” and a “dookie brown leather jacket.” Though it was oversized and made me feel a little bit like a Native American wannabe, I understand why Macklemore seems partial to these jackets: they’re really really fun to twirl in. It’s a jacket you want to play with. If I could find one of these actually in my size (and preferably not a man’s), I’d so totally wear it all the time.

The joy of jackets like this is that you can match it with everything! Macklemore prefers bolo ties and button down shirts, and as a chick I think some animal print and cowboy boots would be absolutely hilarious with this jacket– just to emphasize that “western” vibe. (What, animal print isn’t western? Meh, close enough).

Note: The rest of the outfit in this picture is just what I came to shop in. Not something that I picked out to look like Macklemore. I just didn’t feel like ruining any of the other jackets by covering them with a giant jacket.

“The built-in onesie with the socks on that mother*****r”


Okay, so I will totally admit to two things here. First, I already own a onesie, and it’s a penguin onesie. Yup. Second, I am incredibly jealous of Macklemore’s batman onesie. I looked it up online and they go for about sixty bucks (when you aren’t thrifting them), which is a little pricey. I hope Macklemore genuinely thrifted his instead of buying it new (from the looks of it in the video, it seems pretty grungy and old).

I think my favorite scene from his video is him sitting on a table in his onesie, dancing like a  goofball. It’s surprisingly fun to wear an adult onesie– I found this cloud one at Savers, and it was two sizes too large and really really dirty, but still so comfortable I almost had to buy it (but then I snapped out of my insanity). This was the one item I was almost sure I wouldn’t find, so I’m impressed– there was a whole rack of footie pajamas for adults!

The Vest


In his video, Macklemore wears two vests– one that is embroidered with lots of dogs, and the one pictured here, which is a bleached denim thang. I couldn’t find either, especially in the women’s section, so I went with my own version. I figure I can take inspiration from the ugly vest + graphic t-shirt outfit and just pick out my own ugly vest and graphic tee (the one I’m wearing here says “find your strong”, it only barely won out over a batgirl t-shirt).

I think my only suggestion for this type of outfit is to stick with a color palate of some sort– Macklemore and I chose blue in these pictures, and in another scene of his video his dog vest and shirt are both mostly black. This keeps your look unified, so it’s not quite so hard on the eyes.

(Notice Macklemore is holding a fringe jacket in that still. Holla!)

The Hawaiian Shirt


Here’s my thoughts on the Hawaiian shirt thing.  Even though Macklemore just lets the shirt speak on its own and doesn’t really add anything else to make the outfit over-the-top, I think it’s one of his more boring looks. There needs to be something about it that makes it more unique. In my case, I found a DRESS made out of a Hawaiian shirt print, and it was even collared like one of those shirts. Now that is unique! If I were a dude interested in emulating Macklemore’s style, I think I’d pair the Hawaiian shirt with a bolo tie or a pair of fantastic pink pants or something else to give your outfit that double-take inducing vibe.

Please also take a second to giggle at Macklemore’s derp in that still. I paused the video at a very unfortunate time for his face.

Fringe Jacket: Round Two


I told you they were fun to twirl in! (Notice I’m wearing this one over the onesie. Now that’s the definition of swag).

I think what we need to take from this is that I was able to find two fringe jackets in two different colors within the same thrift store. If I can find all of these goofy things, you can find a decent pair of jeans or a sweater or next year’s prom dress. It’s cheaper, it’s fun, and it’s incredibly easy to do, I promise. Just keep using that sniff test and make sure you watch for questionable stains– what’s the worst that can happen? Thrifting is a blast, I promise. A song about it is number one on iTunes, for goodness’ sake!

BONUS Gallery of pictures!

Also, can we all appreciate my mother, who both helped me pick out outfits AND was my photographer? She’s an inspiration to me just as much as Macklemore is.


All images that are not of me are stills from Macklemore’s video “Thrift Shop” and are in no way owned by me. 

My New Year’s Resolutions



Every year when we sit down for dinner on the night of January 1st, my mom asks us what our resolutions are. Normally I say a couple of meaningful things that, just like the average American, I either promptly forget or fail to carry through. This year, however, I made a resolution that you all can hold me responsible for.

In addition to my already declared dedication to eating better and blogging more regularly, I’ve decided that I am going to commit to buying everything I can from thrift stores. Meaning, everything that is purchasable at a thrift store or a Goodwill will be bought from said places, with absolutely no cheating. Of course, this doesn’t apply to things like food or textbooks or presents for people, but all of the things in my life than can be obtained through a secondhand shop, will be. I want to upcyle more often. I want to donate more of my own, because I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of clothes. I pledge to spend an entire year buying my clothes, jewelry, household goods, free-time books, etc from thrift stores.

That doesn’t seem too hard! Yes, well, Miss Disembodied Text, even with all of the thrifting that I currently do, I still spend a lot of money at places for “splurge” items. This is going to be a year of non-splurging. Which means I might get some super-funky outfits out of this. And remember that I’m moving into a house in August, so it’s going to be an interesting journey to attempt to furnish and decorate without relying on traditional stores. I believe I can do it, though– there just might have to be a lot of upcycling of items that I find at said thrift stores.

Why am I doing this? Well for most of my reasons, check out Why I Thrift, which explains my philosophy. I also kind of want to challenge myself in this way– and I’ll record the ups and downs on this here blog.

Oh, and I plan on really learning how to sew and knit, too, which should help. Step one: thrift a sewing machine.

Next post is a good one– Outfits inspired by Macklemore!

Picture does not belong to me, as usual.